I’m pregnant. and thus Christmas is so offensive.

“I’m pregnant.”

A virgin says the words, “I’m pregnant.”

And we believe it. We sing it. We celebrate it.

But would you do that if you were her father? her mother? her pastor? her workout partner? her co-worker? her coffee friend?

her fiancé? that’s got to be the worst conversation ever.

First of all, who’s a virgin? That’s not normal in any culture at any time in any place.

Second of all, who would be a self-proclaimed virgin, an identity upheld to everyone that knew her in her culture (i.e., church and community), and then have the audacity to say, “but I’m also pregnant,” followed shortly by, “My baby’s the Son of God. An angel told me.”

A. She’s crazy. Totally lost it.

B. She’s lying. Attention seeker.

C. She’s right. And the most miraculous, ridiculous, radical miracle just occurred.

And miracles are offensive. You really think her church stood behind her on this? that carols immediately spawned into song when she announced? that her friends and family hugged and accepted her with tears of joy? that her 3D ultrasound picture would’ve gotten dozens of “likes?”

I don’t think so. Because I see myself in Mary. I know that if I made an announcement on Facebook that I were pregnant even though I’m a virgin and that an angel told me it was conceived of the Holy Spirit and not by my fiancé… I’m pretty sure no matter how “religious” or “tolerant” my friends and family may be, my reputation and “testimony” would be gone. Obliterated.

Offensive applications:

*Virginity is not a label to parade. God uses people, like Mary, who prize the King above their reputation and banners. Virginity is at it’s core about the King, not personal puffery.

*Jesus is not ultimately concerned about your “testimony.” If a person’s testimony were so ultimately important to him, then tell me, why would he choose this way for the Savior to enter earth? Want to be like Jesus? Be prepared for some radical stuff that only faith can explain. And you might at one point need to give up your testimony, i.e., the perception of your community, family, friends and church about yourself.

*You really believe The Christmas Story? seriously, do you? Because if you do then you are admitting to some radical business that happened some 2000 years ago, and the only way to accept a story like this means faith.

Faith that a scared, young girl who never had sex suddenly became pregnant through the Holy Ghost, her fiancé still married her yet didn’t have sex until after she gave birth, that this baby grew up as the Son of God in man-form, he ministered on earth through miracles and love, died the death of all mankind on a wooden cross, was buried in a tomb, came to life from the dead 3 days later, ascended to heaven, is now with God while his Spirit lives in believers’ hearts here on earth, and is returning one day to be reunited with his children.

That’s the Christmas story. It’s offensive. It’s faith. It’s freedom. It’s hope. It’s love. It’s real.

It makes today’s celebration that much more amazing and exciting.

So let’s go celebrate.


One comment

  1. Joseph Morris · January 20, 2013

    I love your thoughts on this. Around Christmas I bought an album by an artist called God’s Servant that took a meditation on Christ’s birth and turned it around to celebrate His death, burial, and resurrection — what He came to be born to do — moreso than the typical and traditional celebration of His first advent. Yes, He was born, and He lived. But He also died, and lived again. Without that, we would have no hope.

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