Dear Human, would you please stop trying to become someone else?


Please tell me.

Why are you trying to become someone else?

to fit the mold. to be accepted. to live the dream.

Are you aware of a blatantly obvious alternative?

Ready for this?


Yeah, betcha didn’t see that one coming.

Now don’t toss this out just yet. Bear with me.

What is this creativity you speak of?

Glad you asked.

To create: to cause to exist, to make something new, to see something come alive, to increase worth, to personalize, to mold, to massage, to change, to evolve from one’s own thoughts or imagination.

So you’re telling me to stop trying to be someone else and to instead pursue this creativity? you lost me.

hang on.

Why choose to pursue creativity

Why, as a human, is this essential?

Why, as a Christian, is this so immensely important?

Who God Is

First, back to the basics. God is the source and very essence of creativity. With a stroke of his finger, weather whirls from clear skies to ominous attack. The mere sound of his voice alters the course of history.

History: a story he breathes. Peoples and nations look back and are amazed to see common threads and order and cause and effect. Trends and movements. Ebbs and flows. This universe runs under his majestic control.

Creation: his art canvas. Yet not art as we think of it. When has man-made art ever been alive and self-sustained? Continual growth, then death, then rebirth? Seasons to complement each other and then spread out across diverse fields of the nations of the world? Think about the body of man- the pinnacle of creation. The very image of God himself.

He is creative. Oh, so creative.

Who I Am

Image-bearer of the Most High. There’s something inherent about me that is a reflection of God himself through which I represent in the world everyday simply because of the nature of being a human. If he’s creative, then I must in turn bear resemblance.

my Creative body. my Creative mind. my Creative soul. Different and unique than any other person that has or will live.

my Creative life. No other person on the earth has had the same life, experiences and knowledge as I do. Even if they were inexplicity similar, I have different eyes, different perspecitves, different lenses.

I am unique. I am creative. I am God’s. That’s just simply the way he works.

with everybody. no exceptions.

What this implies

So this personalized and unique “creativity” is a much bigger responsibility than at first glance. Who I am personally and intrinsically is now my responsibility. under my management, under my stewardship.

This realization thus releases the misconception that only certain people in this world are “creative.” Creativity is much bigger than art, design, and writing. It’s at the core of our very being. It’s what makes each of us a unique, individual story before the world, before society, before God.

Once I begin living my life in fear, driven by the expectation of what is normal and what others expect, my life is now in their control; thus who I am as an individual, my creativity, is boxed and shelved.

It is my responsibility to live my life, not someone else’s. I am never held to an expectation that others have over my life. In each situation, I am to toss out the mold of “what do they want?” and “what do they expect”. Always Spirit-led, always personally unique.


So what?

What am I going to do with this?

Here’s what I think. for what it’s worth.

I must pursue my unique drives and passions through my own creative abilities and insight. Live my life in a way no other person can ever this life again. God has me here to do His work through my life. So I can’t live my life as if it were someone else’s, because….it’s not.

So, what’s your story?

What’s unique and creative about yourself, your story, that you have not yet stepped up and taken responsible for?

This is not a “Help!-the-world-desperately-needs-you” speech. but, the world does need Jesus. And he put you on this earth to be himself to the world; he purposely made you and is making you in a creative way to accomplish his work.

Why else would you be here?


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