Video Journal 1 – April 22 “So, why are you going to Europe?”

Welcome to the first video journal! Hopefully, this is one of many to come. I plan on sending out video journals as often as I can throughout the trip, as well as variety of other information. I’d like you to see first hand what I am doing so that you can have a visual idea of what’s going on, who I meet, what I experience, what I’m learning, etc… Maybe I’m just a visual person, but I really feel that a picture is worth a thousand words. and you really don’t want me writing a thousand words. I struggle with basic vocabulary as it is.

So I’m hoping to keep these short and to the point. This first one summarizes how in the world I got to where I am right now and why I’m doing this– what my purpose is.

Questions? just ask. I probably have just as many!


  1. grandpa jackson and virginia · May 4, 2011

    Good work, wish we could be at your Grad.
    Alittle something will be in the mail soon.
    We love you!!!!!! Prov. 3:6-6

  2. grandpa jackson and virginia · May 4, 2011

    CORRECTION; Prov. 3:5-6

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